Dog without papers? Problems at State?

Hello, if you buy a dog who has no papers and then it wants to sign on his behalf in the state, comes as no Geklaut suspicion before or what else?

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No problem. Normally, however, you have any evidence of how one has the dog that does not fall from the sky indeed.

If you find a dog, you have to report it as lost property, otherwise makes mansich srafbar. Then you have to prove that he is einFundtier and that the owner would have to report. 6 months after notification can übegehen the property of the dog.

You need to sign an EU pet passport because in this the chip number is whistled.

When logging is not asked where the dog came from, where he was born and what you paid for it.

Take care of a liability insurance policy, which is important :-)

Moreover, you report the dog not to the state, but in a community.

Not to mention that you must buy no dog because you are not of legal age, it does not really matter whether the dog has good lineage papers or anything other than just his vaccination record with bringing to their new home.

If the dog is registered with the clerk's office for the payment of the dog tax, you should first call and ask what is necessary to documents everything.

In Lower Saxony, a dog license must be completed in any case. The dog must be registered and insured in a dog owner liability insurance. To my knowledge, in Lower Saxony, at least for large dogs also chip duty ...

So your first path to the "new" best friend would lead on four paws to the vet anyway ...


So first go anyway with your new quadruped to vet and leaves it checked him and seeding. So you get there a vaccination card. WIth the vaccination card you go to the office and want to report to the dog.

Since no emotion stolen or distrust comes across.

Not at all. Many images this so-called "papers" are in any case false.

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