Dog yelps even though he was already Gassi?

Hey my Golden Retriever (almost 6 years old) stands at the window of the door terraces and yelps like this. Today in the morning he came to me and whined. That was because he wanted to go for a walk, he always does. Now I was 1 1/2 hours in the forest and we came 30 minutes before home. And now he yelps as I said. Food Drink he .. When we were on the way home, there was a shepherd and my dog ​​was suddenly so intrusive (She was probably in heat). Is it perhaps because? Missing the social contact? Because today was only 1 dog or the field today we have seen only a mit.l the my dog ​​played briefly ..

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Is your dog because Castrated? It may well be that it is up to the bitch in heat. If it is the case, then I wish you good nerves, because that is the instinct of the dog. Had he as before? Attempts to distract him a little bit and maybe touch his time off completely, perhaps does indeed something hurt.

If your dog is an uncastrated male, then he will probably be gtroffen on a bitch in heat. Or added their scents.

Schick well is him in his place and '.

a dog ranges but good. And it will probably smell the heat of bitches.

Your dog is in love! :-D It may be that was the our dog that he has put it is a provisional one shepherd. From where are you?

This is the classic, the bitch in heat smells the whole environment.

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