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Hello, I'll start times at unzwar we have 3 Shepherds and as soon as it gets dark catch them for a reason to bark, they are out there. Time is at 22:00 then at 1:00 or then to 3: 00h. then you bark but not just once or twice but very long if one then looks then they are silent! One sees but also nothing. I hope someone can help me. LG Mephisto Girl

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So how do you describe that want the three apparently reimburse only report that they have something "abnormal" discovered / / heard smelled and once you nachschaut all good. Let her evening perhaps these things - for (honest) in all love, I would not find it cool if I "wachgebellt" at 1 pm or 3 am going. Once they bark, nachgucken, possibly short praise along the lines of "Thank you are vigilant and protected me / the house" but let it be good. Because - if it is really time would seriously (burglars) and you have your dogs the abtrainierst ... would be stupid, right? If necessary - if they simply barking on and do not respond to your "From" or something, throw something (pillow or so; not something which one can hurt) and schmeiss it on the floor to your (bsp (not the dog!) to give.) "Off" emphasis or focus. Anyway, said the time a dog trainer. (I also have such a small Nachtaufpasserin) I hope this helps you. :)

I do not think that they without reason her bellen.Habt in the nearby area people who do shift work must go away and at such times, or coming home?

Or you live very quiet and try any person houses auszuspähen.Du can not imagine how cunning are. The coming weeks at night at the same time.The Dogs beat an.Logisch.Und because doing nothing is interested soon no for it and eventually a house is then eliminated.


your dogs do not bark without reason. You have a reason to bark. You want from the outside in to you. Dogs are pack animals. You want to be with their pack (the family).



When dogs bark, then this has a reason. & Once you watch were they then quietly of course this can be an indication that they want viiiel more close to you and just miss you.

they hear any noise halt dogs can hear very well have held good growing dogs

Dogs bark NIE no reason. WHEN you are there they have fulfilled their mission. Either warn you against possible intruders or they are afraid and want your Aufmerksammkeit.

Night is busier than you think. Especially in the animal world.

Get them in, then they no longer barking. Simple thing. Without basic bark not just because you do not know the reason, that is not that they do not have.

if one then looks then they are silent!

They prefer and miss the human contact.

Night run about foxes or other animals. They try to bark at. Of course you goad Also at each other and so a longer Bällerei will stop it. You can only call to order then, however, they do indeed just doing their job. You want to have guard dogs and the barking nunmal.

I do not understand your problem.

You hold but your dog outside to watch, now they are doing that, and are you crying rum.

If you do not want the night to get them barking pure.

Can also be that they are simply busy no Bissel. How often they are allowed to leave your prison? Or they may just rumlatschen encouraging Hof? How often employs her head and the nose of the dog?

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