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Hello, Could you list me a list with the cost of a small dog list with final sum? Thank you :)

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a list of people with the cost of a small dog

Purchase price with a reputable breeder 1000-1500 EUR. At the shelter you pay 250-300 EUR for a dog.

Monthly. Costs about 150 EUR without veterinarian! But this can also cost some 100 EUR, if z. B. incur an OP.

Scheduling must also kennel / dog sitter, z. B. if you have to go to the sick house or go on holiday. If necessary, dogs hairdresser (depending on the breed and hair type)!

Monthly costs: costs fall with us at the following:

  • 5.83 Euro dog tax (Our community requires 70, - Euro per year)
  • 5.92 Euro liability
  • 45.00 Euro Feed (It weighs 16kg and is gebarft)
  • 37.90 health insurance
  • 30,00 reserves (necessary here due to medication, but should also be otherwise, of course)

Are almost 130, - Euro.

with a small dog the feed price is possibly somewhat less sien, depending on what you feed. Everything else remains the same actually.

Because now is the initial purchase price and the course is not included. Initial cost 150 euros and again. Purchase price with a reputable breeder from 800 euros upwards.


I list once the price of a Norwich Terrier (26cm shoulder height and about 5-6kg):

Dog license: 60 € per year (each municipality anderst, so it is with me, for 'dangerous dogs' it costs more)

Food and treats: 35 € (pick definitely a food with lots of meat and little grain, not Royal Canin or something)

(Insurance: 30 €)

Vet: I would put monthly about 5 € return, an OP can sometimes cost around 1000 €

The 125 € without insurance € 95 and with insurance.

And then the acquisition cost:

Dog per se: 1800 € (ween of breeders from the shelter about 250-450 €)

Dog Bed: 30 €

Transport box: 30 €

Ceiling: about 5 €

Drinking / and food bowl: about 8 €

Collar / dishes: 30 € (for a very good)

Schleppleins: 15 €

Address Tag for Collar: about 1 €

Brush: € 15

Toy: 25 €

(Water bottle and food dish to take (eg for hiking): 15 €)

Leckerliebeutel (something where you are the treats purely for training): 5 €

Seat for the car: € 15

(Bicycle basket: 25 €)

A book about the race: approximately 13 €

A book about the behavior: 20 € (eg http: // ... )

A book about commands teach: 20 € (for example see comments, my answer is usually interpreted as spam ...)

I think that was all. :)

That would make € 272 without the dog.

Lg. And if you wish to add to it a dog you überleg whether one should be from a shelter or from the breeder, an adult or a puppy, Lena

Heavy but I'll try it once with my dog ​​(Havanese)

Purchase price by the breeder: 1,500 euros

Monthly expenses (food, dog bag, even a toy, dog bone / treats ....) approx 80 euros.

Vet (she was recently sick) 60 Euro

Cost accessories (bowl, leash, dishes, toys, körbchen ect ect) ca 100 Euro

Evt costs (Obedience school, Pet Grooming, Hundepansion)

Dog tax: 90 per year (in Kassel, Hessen)

This is only very roughly, exactly, except the cost of their (1500) I can not say that.

Veterinarian can sometimes cheap times be very expensive depending on what dog.

Minds € 150 without large costs TA.

These include food, taxes, insurance, education, employment, Ausstatting, etc ..

Would also say so, approximately € 150.00. The veterinary costs, however, are not to be underestimated. We had to neuter our bitch. Hat with tartar removal (because she was under anesthesia anyway) cost 390.00 Euro.

I would say 500 € per month to 10,000 €. What do you expect? Can you list me what a person needs a month so? A dog may be sick, need surgery, things destroy eat much or too little. But who so depends a price tag to an animal should get no ..

na with final sum can auflisten-- you anything there's always a geswisse differnez of holders holders -

for a dog is expected in average 100-150 € per month for the small dog more 100, - or a little less, because he nciht so much fodder amount required.

1) pet liability and dog tax (depending on the insurance and the Gebüren in your gemiende on)

2.) regular tieraztkosten = vaccinated, wormed, tick and flea medium

3.) Save a possibly accumulating large tierarztOP = save up, because such a surgery can also x1000, - cost €

4.) hundefutter = is cereal freis dog food much more expensive than dicounterfutter what contains seeeehr much cereal and additives that are not good for the dog on its products. it destroys by sugar the teeth and are not the dog what he needs namely 70% MEAT. good, healthy feeding prevents frequent vet visits.

5) hundeschule + dog sports club + agilithy + dog space

6) one-time purchases =

a) hundekörbchen--

b) eating and drinking cups made of metal or ceramic,

c) some dog coats to change (also for the car)

d) for the car a pet mat and a dog harness,

e) possibly also a autobox -

f) a leash, but well suited for a small dog improving ways a harness (to your dog)

g) something to not record too much but meaningful toy

h) hundeschampoo

i) pet brush and a flea comb

j) good dog books from the publisher --animal learn -

we pay a month for our huge 250 for our large 170 and for the slightly smaller 100-120. without vet costs.

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