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Search report about the dog school concept by Uwe Friedrich (auchTEAMCANIN called). Especially desired would be sustainability reports and training concept). Possibly test or press reports. Reference address contacts. (Preferably from German-speaking Switzerland; Southern)

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so all I can tell you as synonymous not help. BUT: I train for 4 weeks, a 6 year old Spanish greyhound, which has a very strong hunting instinct. I breed since 1988 even Whippets - am so with a pronounced hunting instinct in dogs familiar. For all my dogs we have the hunting instinct (although they have gone to the races as well as the coursing both) can control well. This bitch could (or had) seems their hunting instinct unfortunately always been living in their lives - yet I also want this dog in an appropriate environment can run freely (on the beach for example).

For this reason, I have the book by Uwe Friedrich "Anti Hunting Training For Dogs" worried and train now consistently thereafter. No, I'm not saying that I now after 3 weeks had the hunting instinct my Lilly already under control and they would be controlled - but the beginnings and small successes are discernible.

The tips and tricks and background information in this book are easy to implement and understand. As far as I am very positive "surprise".

As far as this subject my highly personal "experience".

Good succeed


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