Dogsitting - dog at home or at Sitter?

Hello! If the master / mistress is on vacation and a dog sitter takes care of the dog during this time, it is better when the sitter takes the dog to be, or should he be picked for walking of dogs and sleeping alone at home in his territory? Sitters and dog do not know yet.

Thanks in advance.

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We are building on our side, but it might be interesting if necessary. We want to create a network of dog sitters and dog owners, so that love pets are always well looked after and not have to be alone! Care is always at home in the "spare pack" and no kennel. A look at it. And .. Nannys always wanted :)

How, pray tell, can you get a degenerate question only so ??? Bin shocked. Have after accident eight weeks hospitalization behind me and could not previously seek a board. One has then inevitably found for my dog ​​an accommodation solution in a small shelter. There my dog ​​has suffered greatly. Nothing against Shelters (!), But he was not there in good hands. I then found a boarding kennel for a week due to illness in December, in which he has felt a fiddle. Because of a holiday I would never let my Wackerl here!

better the sitter in the house -or the dog with him ... the dog only for ne gassi round pick that does not work in the uraubszeit! please before thoroughly know and commit!

with us is the pet sitter for the time in our house -woven his own dog ...

Sitters and dog should first be kennenlernen.Denkbar both komibnationen.Bei cats should werden.Bei attention to the familiar surroundings dogs is leichter.Am best for him as much time as possible to verbringen.Dann there is relatively no matter where. is halt just stupid, if mom or dad not there sind.die miss natural and are more likely the problem.

When we flew in on holiday and my dog ​​could not be there, we gave them in the kennels of our confidence.

we were off just over a weekend, she stayed with my parents, who then kept the herding dog ;-) A change of scenery does not hurt the dog, but to be alone a lot. The dog is a family member, and no one will leave you a) in the period of absence living in his apartment, nor b) give you a dog, if the can not stay with you at home.

A dog that does not know his sitter, gets into a completely disturbing situation for him. That's not a good idea.

Of course, the dog during your entire absent-ness around the clock at his "spare pack", ie the supervisor of the dog should be !!

And Your dog should have at least visited this supervisor at best before longterm care already for a few hours !!!

But even if it is temporarily not be accomplished: Dogs are pack animals, they connect and they need this connection to the (attending) people for their wellbeing !!

So the dog please not alone left in the house !!!

... My dog goes regularly in a kennel with family connection and again I am amazed at how quickly to join there the boarders of the board line! :) Even at very fearful dogs that is the case!

So please the dog when Sitter blank!

It is better when the sitter takes the dog to be, or should he be picked for walking of dogs

the dog sitter should be around the clock for his foster child there and not only gassi lead him. A dog also needs also society and employment.

I would never go without dog on vacation. there are so many great holiday destinations within Germany (North Sea / Baltic z.Bsp.) where you can take your dog well. the question would never ask me. but anyway --- of course the dog must in that case have a round support, just because he will miss his mistress, allowed to him NOT alone!

under Dogsitter I understand that this person the dog 24 hours should take care, that is, that the dog is not to be alone at night.

I think it's better if you go there. Even better for the dog.

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