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Hello, I have there times a question but my dog ​​lives for some time with my mother (parents separated) And before about 5 weeks I've bought a rabbit .. And lived until 4 weeks ago still with my father and my day my brought rabbits to my mother and my dog ​​is so funny or lies down in front of it and looks just like he will protect my rabbit. What do you all mean ?

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Have you informed sometimes before buying? Or you have the men and women who from the pet store again one wiped the the get their money and the customers torture animals. No offense but rabbits are group animals and must be kept at least two people otherwise the behavior disorder threatens. This is not very good because you see your rabbit only suffer. Please get as soon as possible a conspecifics and keep your animals humanely where they can let off steam in an enclosure. An exhibit is cheaper than a bulk purchase at a pet store. Belese you more below on animal welfare

Please! ':( do it for probably your rabbit. dogs and rabbits Hmm ... This can end really totally cruel.


not really a good idea because dogs are now once hunters and rabbits are among their prey.

If you hold hunter and prey together, then both sides have great stress. The dog, because he wants to prey, but not later, and the rabbit, because they constantly know the hunter in your vicinity - and suffer agony.

Stress does animals never good - and when in an unobserved moment, the well can happen - the dog then does what it claims to be instinct - it's happened to the rabbit.

As an aside: you should never keep rabbits alone.

Good succeed


It can go well ... but that depends individually on the individual dog and rabbit!

Pets such as rabbits are very susceptible to stress and can even be very sick cases of prolonged stress.

We have hamsters and a small bitch because she is accustomed from childhood to the animals, no longer interested in this. However Outside she hunts still like to a bird afterwards;)

Otherwise, I agree with all the to what wrote 'dsupper'.

And Rabbit it's really much better when they are kept nich alone!

If there is no better solution, do not let the dog in the room where is the rabbit.


So firstly you should get the rabbit a friend. Secondly, yes it is! However, you should do it very slowly and you have your dog under control. I have used my dog ​​also to our hare and they now sit together in the garden. But a girl I would not recommend trying it. The can end very quickly fatal for the bunny.

for the dog moisten counts a rabbit to the prey animals. which is rabbit for and dog of pure stress!

you should have, please rabbit whatsoever 2!

This is our year long work. Must not. Dogs are predators and K's the passendfe prey - as quickly an accident happens.

Can good seibn that your dog looks at the K as a family member and watching, but may be auich if K make rapid movements the dog snaps.

bought a rabbit.

Einzelhalötung rabbit is animal cruelty

People the dog is not as tuned -.- and the dog is as big as a plush animal

Would not risk I. Although it might only goes well, the dog can quickly forfeited his instinct and bite the animal dead. Although it was previously perhaps licked. The dog should have been used as a baby already on rabbits, then there would be little concern. Is in cats also often so

The rabbit needs a partner! Please do not do it at this: o

Rabbits are group animals! It needed a partner and at least 4qm place! As you notice once again that you've informed zero on the needs of the animals! Is that with your dog about the same?

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