Dojotech Spotify recorder stopped working?

Hi Guys,

recently my Dojotech Spotify recorder will stop operation. What could be wrong? The program no longer on but indicates "ready to record at". Is that with you so? A new installation did not help: /

Thanks in advance: D

The best answer

In short Dojotech no longer works. Respectively: I'd rather say it's up to Spotify. The ham because something changed:

I think there used to be the title in the window title with it, now just Spotify / Spotify Premium.

Given how first Dojotech my opinion Worked: 1. It is seen if Spotify is running 2. Runs Wenns is looked whether sound is played (to the sound card) and whether s song title is in the window title. 3. If both are the case is taken up.

Since now, however drinsteht no title, Dojotech not recognize probably that what is played and therefore does nothing on.

I hope the times anyone knows ne solid alternative to Dojotech recorder :)


Yes this problem I had, you have to see the older version of Spotify Herunterladen.Hier have I geschikt a link, actually it should go then.

MFG Dennis

went with me also not, just download older version of spotify, then go back :)

Here haste a selection:

I meant, of course, that it no longer receives: D

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