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I do not at all know how to start my boyfriend yet and I have been many problems I trust him no piece because he lied to me already 100 times while i come not really from him go ... last week our quarrel is completely escalated why we really have begun to argue i know garnichtmehr: - / to at least not what the issue was i wanted as always when me is what too much space do not leave the apartment only wanted the room my friend always says i run primarily off while i only he left the room then go to me he did not beat me directly he just would not let me out of the room I dragged himself down to me u said on the floor this time not you walk away .... Well at some point he took me then left then i wanted in the kitchen one he smoke came naturally after he talked all the time made me any provision i got out the window looked u further said nothing i did not want to talk now i was afraid of him than we do into wanted bedrooms were eventually wanted i then get also from the kitchen he did not let me have me arrested so that was the whole evening continued he just yelled at me i am just sat down and said nothing as i am then aufgesprugen once u get he packed so doll thrown down on the couch and so weird laid on me that i could not breathe properly i was trying to defend myself got him then punched in the face then he went down i could not breathe anyway u he saith i simulate the more i just read about it the clearer to me i should just leave him only i have absolutely no money because i have everything plugged into the apartment in which we have moved in February i just do not know what i should do ?!

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No matter how much money have you invested in this apartment - trenndich of as an idiot and the best as soon as possible. Who knows what happened.

Violence must never be a solution and certainly not in a relationship.

I would in your place as soon as mölich with friends or relatives move in and then get my life together.

Or. who is in the lease - you two?

We are both in the lease: - he has beaten / Nee not know i am not everyone sees things differently i'd say so although he has not given me a slap, but this is not as bad as hold someone u coarse to touch?

Because you have a common lease, announces the share and agree you who possibly then sole tenant is ..

because as long as you both since you both is the fact xxx responsible for Renting & ...

You can your friend for domestic violence show and a restraining order beantragen..die Police advise you ..

this, but you should also pay attention to compliance and do not let yourself bela exchangers again ..

if you like the apt to give up. You've certainly bank statements, receipts what is your that you can take it all ..

in 14 days, there is that, either salary / wage until then you can possibly eat up inventories or receive in addition a weekend job, in restaurants, hotels and so is always wanted short .. good luck

Should you decide to calling the police in such a situation as would take him and only times keep a night in the drunk tank, then it probably comes back and is especially acidic.

Therefore, the same ever write down the number of key service and have mounted a new castle.

Furthermore, a judge can forbid him to approach you.

Display refund due Freiheitsberäubung, take a lawyer and apply einsweilige available, contact the refuge and move in there. You come already to the money invested by court.

Abgeshen them when it comes to police use, it is very possible that DU stay and ER's. ;-)

turn away times quickly to appropriate relief organizations, or tarnish make in your community or neighborhood.

Difficult situation. How far can you handle it? How much can you forgive? What is your function? What alternatives would for you in question? Have applicable to you not to break away from Him? Love? Finance can be bridged. It always goes any further. The most important thing is your willingness to final separation backdoor. Friends, relatives You könntst ask for money. Go to counseling centers (Caritas, etc.) or in a shelter. Job? Regardless of culture, tradition and faith - every woman has the right to oppose in Germany, the violence of a man. Outreach there. Be strong and jump over your own shadow.

I write this not so, therefore, have my own experience with domestic violence and constant humiliation. Only with the help I got out of there. Bitter poverty was among others the result. Freedom is not free. Have gewuselt me ​​from it and, after years of claiming that my conclusion was correct. Lebe very modest, that's worth my independence.

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