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I have a very big problem. My cat was gone a week, I thought it is gone. Since today was the redeeming call from the vet, they had been made there. But then the shock she needs surgery because they two deep bite wounds was in the back part. The vet said also that the amount will cost well a few hundred euros. Are there websites where you can ask for example, cost to support in? Yes, I understand if you have a pet this costs money. Only I am just in a bottleneck and several hundred euros, I can not afford it. I want my cat considered abandoning it is very important to me. Perhaps there is something or someone can tell me a page. Please no unnecessary comments. As I have already asked for payment by installments to the vet, but the vet is not there just quite nice.

Would be very thank you and I do not want my cat to lose it really means a lot. :(

The best answer

your ta grad not nice, but will probably let the cat hardly untreated. let operate on him and tell him that you can pay the amount in monthly rates only unfortunately. what it should do it already? he was able to do his money.

if you that do not want, then I would ask friends or related.


you could for example

* Make on eBay Classifieds things about money

ask * Freundeund family for help.

* Overdraw your account or take out a loan at derr Bank

* This and next month to spend less

Even if you a friend can give or lend only 20 euros, your Used Television has just 100 euros einbringt- each sum.


Ask a question with Vox Animalis (Internet), which can you at least say whether there ne possibility that your cat is treated possibly even free, because in some cities there are such opportunities.

ask friends after money.

I started each month to make money off.

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