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Hi, I had over 6 months a Dornwarze. Two weeks ago I was at my father's family doctor and he prescribed me Verrumal what I had used the two weeks. I could last week to stop and am only hobbling and my mother said all the time that I should go to the doctor, but because I wanted to not make a big drama out of it, I have every time denies. And yes, today I had gym class, where the pain had worsened. I had lubricated it, because the pain Schmerzgel. I then something rechachiert and found out if facilities should be there, I should go to the doctor rather what I have then done with my father, who said it was inflamed and I had to remove it surgically and me with my father then the hospital "ball", where they have given me the wart removed. Well, I've read a lot about that plantar warts came back and even more. Now I'm afraid that it will be the case with me. Can I avoid it? I have to wear for two weeks nor a bandage around my foot and in two days

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If you want to prevent a return, then do regular foot baths in salt water. The warts are made clear from viruses and are very sensitive to salt. So you can disinfect the skin regularly! :-)


very important is also, after all OP shoes / deposits etc. disinfect. Plantar warts are transmitted by viruses, you look so if you unlucky capture otherwise even by their own shoes again new.

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Adrian Wiethoff

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