Dr oetker, cheese cream torte

Have the back mix of dr oetker for cheese cream pie bought. Did the batter poured into the springform and the finished floor should I halved now. Do you find not that which is too thin? In the middle of the two halves will then hold a cream-quark mix

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He looks very flat, but you can share it nevertheless centrally and fill ... good luck :-)

Such is life with the rustic kitchen! Time and sometimes it does not succeed.

What are you going to change the baking results yet?

Attempts to apply the fill to the maximum. But bear in mind here is that you have to share the cake yet. Either way no easy matter.

Nah, that's fine. Do not you know how to share it best?

do it this way, as for decades in the manual is ... this pie is technically mature ...

and? as is the cake become?

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