drawing characteristics

I want to be a sign project represent myself, so in terms of personality traits, hobbies, etc.

Aberwie something you can be interest-such as helpfulness, kindness, or general please stand vitality? Thank you in advance for

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Now I think joy is easy, but you're right, the other Charaktereigenschaftdn are not so simple drawings represent. At least not so that they can be recognized for the ignorant. If you must, I would advise you to draw on a sheet different images. Perhaps with colors representing the different properties. On the Internet is as easy to find something. Next I can tell you, unfortunately not help but maybe I already had you, did not help a bit.

How does your perfect properties act like? Do you have many friends, then draw the friends! You're in a good mood - so you'll miss a smile. You have energy - let hopping or dancing your "signed I". You are curious - hop and dance with your friends through an interesting environment, make doors, look around, alternate a bookcase in the background, etc.

If not everything fits ON picture - do a short comic of it: "A Day in the Life of Miss Wunderlich" ...

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