Dreadlocks in school?

Hi Guys,

I've been about 3 years at considering whether I should let me make dreadlocks. I tend to yes. I'm doing a year abroad and wanted them to then make me in the summer holidays. This means I will go to my high school in the 11th grade.

I have but a little afraid of what you might say at school and how to mainly teachers react, and whether they could ruin the marks and so the Abi one just because of the slightly different appearance. I must say that I really always was an exemplary student.

Thanks for your help LG

The best answer

No do not worry. Your appearance and your appearance does not affect the marks! A teacher rated thee according to thy power, since it is a damn whether you look like a punk or have dreadlocks.

Ifs you like machs easy! :) I think the people at the high school are already so frequent that they have understood what concerns do not go out of tune from your look their opinion about you.

one from my school just learning math with us Leherin and has dreadlocks ... just do what you stand to gefallt..und :)

No, that would be soooo superficial and primitive .. Do what you like :)

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