Dreads the vet?

Hello :) I'm doing a training for tiermed. Clerk (animal arzthelferin). I'd love to have dreadlocks but I do not know if this is allowed in the profession. But because of hygiene. I would nnatürlich as usual my dreads to plait bind and pay attention to the care, because to me that's myself personally very important.

And if that is allowed, I have with my talk about ..?

And a third, there is who is the "offering" to help me checking in-(?:

Lg and thank you ever! :)

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I would leave it at your job more because you could catch you by the animals as fleas.

If, then you ought to check with your employer.


Look around here once to:

https: //www.google.es/search q = dread factory & ie = utf-8 & oe = utf-8 & gws_rd ...?

On Youtube there is a same channel with good advice and guidance. Waivers on trying to make your first Dreads itself, which usually ends in very unsightly, uneven sausage rolls.

Of course that's okay. This is your personal decision.

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