Dreams ... I like it ... ^. ^

Hello I have a strange question silk two nights I dream very great dreams ... So real adventure!

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  • Why I dream something like this all the time? 2012-06-16

    Hello I'm dreaming a lot lately so things where I attack men. I have a friend for 10 months and am very happy with it. It also fits in bed (I'm dreaming yes other in bed). Right at me something is not? I want such things actually garnicht dream ... L

  • Dreams really like a devil 2012-02-29

    I have more than once dreamed I was the devil himself, or would have chosen me as the new devil of the universe. If this dream be a reason that I have to worry about my sanity? Have other people that dream guy? If ever one of you dreamed that he woul

  • What Chat dreams (something like Facebook), there are in the black scene? 2012-07-11

    --answer-- Platforms like Facebook, but for the black scene I know so far none. You can search, google surveys for forums or look for online dating black scene out, which are used by some for friendly contacts on Facebook to Goth groups. Black lucky

  • Dreams, I like him about so much? 2012-08-13

    Hallöle! :) I dream for several months by a schoolmate (determined 4-5x a week). Last year I made with my course a trip. We have a little talked, he often smiled at me and he became ever more sympathetic, is clear; D he even gave me a compliment .. A

  • Which album of Tangerine Dream you like the most? 2012-08-16

    I'm a big fan of the band Tangerine Dream, have just about all albums of the band, but I wanted to know which album best finds her and why? Thank you very much :-) --answer-- Each album of TD is a self-contained great artwork. All I do not know unfor

  • But dreams processed like? 2013-06-30

    I dreamed a few days ago that my uncle wants to kill me and my father verp ... has and left me alone. Namely, both Turks and always say yes, they have so much pride, honor it that, but in my daddy no piece available. My uncle is always there for me a

  • Had a terrible dream, felt like jmd dies. And do not know how man sowas Password 2013-12-03

    I do not understand what to say my brain damian. I had such a schräcklichen dream, nothing arnend true we said so at the sea and there was ne frontier where man could not go. I was just another person ... any child swam across the border where it see

  • Somehow, I do not know what to make of it. I dream constantly, like someone pressed berries into juice before my eyes. What does that mean? 2014-01-13

    --answer-- It's a Dream. In the dream fears wishes and needs with all the power of imagination shown. You are allowed to get then you will find possibly a solution but no one can look into your imagination meditating to denem head. Can always at the

  • How do you interpret this dream? 2012-02-21

    Hi, I am now for two weeks in my new apartment. Also have my cat taken which has slowly settled in well. Now there was yesterday eim going to bed an incident: Something crashed into the apartment down. I looked and saw my cat as he aufbauschte in fea

  • In my dream my friend has for me it was asleep so he locked up and he went to me he had to sleep on the couch what does that mean? 2012-03-08

    --answer-- If that has any meaning, then only that you would like to have it, if he would sleep with you. One dreams much senseless stuff. I know someone who dreamed times like insects him handcuffed to a Phal, to make him a campfire and night to him



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