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Hi @ ll dreams since new thing about real, have recently bought myself a new bike. And then have a few nights dreaming cycling over. In addition, I recently had a couple of scales in the hair which was not great (are for the right shampoo and left again) And then I dreamed at night that I shed huge in the hair would so about 5 cm tall. That was of course a nightmare :-) Knew far as what is not. Otherwise I could micht mostly about my dreams not remember or they were totally unreal. What does that mean. Would appreciate answers.

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Same here 0-0. I have then as an experiment a few different things on the date granted (watch TV, ride a bike and hit with friends). At night, I then dreamed that I participate in the `Tour de france` and my friends all cheer me watching TV :)).

So do not worry, you're doing not only that.

GLG SuperNova1601

In most cases TRäume have something to do with the processing of real events.

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