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Hey, I drive in the Easter holidays to Dubai and wanted to ask what it so for dress codes are there for women and for men. So whether there may walk around with Top or not, would be nice if you could as a few tips to me. Schonmal thanks in advance.

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If you want to do everything right, rough rule of thumb, as you go away from here, or how would you go to a church in Italy?

You do not have who knows how veiled but not running around who knows how to show a lot of skin.

Did you relatively light hair, although a Schmarn in Dubei is maintained due to the population on the basis of all foreigners there on the spot to pull no problems or nothing to be so I was with children as well for me ... hair so good as it gets covered, it requires not who knows how obscure, posh hat as a woman find ... Because you fall on a tourist, do not want to notice you, you throw cloth over (no pattern), if you that makes in blond little girl, unfortunately, falls on, because it is not typical .... and then asked ...

Vlt. Braiding hair pin up as a woman or girl and cloth so over but in children falls on the

you must all bear only have to shoulder your considering your and you should not wear skirts or mini shorts should go to the knee.

I think that answers the following link your question in sufficient detail.


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