Driving without a "fixed" mark

Good evening everybody, I often see teenagers with their cars forward unmarked drive Respectively the indicator is on the board amateurs. What would happen to me if I would go so?

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What would happen to me if I would go so?

If the indicator is located on the dashboard and is recognizable:

They put the vehicle into operation, the front registration plate did not meet the requirements.

§ 10 paragraph 1, 7, 12, § 48 FZV. § 24 Road Traffic Act; 179 BKat

  • € 10 caution money

but missing it completely:

They took the vehicle is in operation, its mandatory registration plate was missing.

. § 10 paragraph 5, 12, § 48 FZV; § 24 Road Traffic Act; 179a BKat

  • € 60 fine
  • € 28.50 fees

in Germany governs the §10 of the vehicle registration Regulation (FZV): Accordingly, the mark must forward securely affixed to the vehicle. In addition, it shall be affixed only to 30 ° inclined to ensure readability - which is on the dashboard not sure adhered.

This is normal forbidden and will be punished by a fine.


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