Driving without Fahrausweiss + Fahrerflucht, PENALTY?


I'm 17 and driving an open 600cc machine on a 80 Street where far un wide 1km nobody was, I wanted to test out and am on 200km / h driven far forward ran 2 people on the street, I did not recognize I braked quickly, because I wanted to hurt anyone and was about even on 80km / h, I realized that it is the police and accelerated again a bit and drove past you my number, they have always quoted,


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Your action fulfills several facts:

- Deliberate violation of basic traffic rules (threat to life) (Article 90 3 SVG..). This fact is true in any case, if you at least 140 km / h on a 80 track are going -> punishment. (Art 90 para 4 lit. c SVG..): 1-4 years of imprisonment.

- Theft of a vehicle for use -> punishment (Article 94, Section 1 lit.a..): Up to 3 years or a fine Freiheitsentzung. (If somebody has handed over the key, so you can make the jaunt, he makes incitement to driving without permission a criminal offense, unless he can not know that you're 17 and have no driver's license.)

- Driving without authorization (.. Article 95, paragraph 1 a) -> penalty: up to 3 years or a fine Freiheitsentzung.

- Hindrance of an official act (if you wanted to stop the police and you have yourself removed from the traffic control) (Article 286 of the Criminal Code.) -> Fine up to 30 daily rates.

-> There are also Administrative sanctions as a minimum 2 year driving ban. Making the driving license at 18, so you can forget. The court may also (if it where Uständen appear accordingly appropriate) prescribe the collection of the vehicle, even when the motorcycle thy father or a colleague and it would thus be available for further criminal Teten for you (cf. Art. 90a para 1 SVG).

Now that you are 17 years of age, you can specify the penalties except the ban on driving, just forget it. Because after youth criminal law you can from 15 years a maximum of 1 year's imprisonment get (absolute maximum is 4 years (from 16 years in an offense that requires min. 3 years of imprisonment, for example, murder). There are also a possible milder sanctions the reference , buses (from 15 years max. 2,000) and personal performance (max. 3 months from 15 years). fines in the legal sense, there is not, the coaches obviously represents a commitment to a cash consideration.

In addition, various protective measures may be ordered.

As punishment for you will look in detail, I can not say, because the juvenile justice to principles other than being operated in the adult criminal law. Namely, personal life and family relationships clarified to ensure the emphasis put on protection and education of young people (see. Art. 2 JStG). The penalty will be subordinated to the goal of the healthy development of young people.

-> Are your family relationships intact, you're in high school or in an apprenticeship, the possibility of imprisonment falls ever practically gone. Then buses and / or personal power are probably as punishment. A stationary measure could be placed, if your family circumstances are critical and you have no teaching etc.

Hope this answers your question and I advise you at Youth Service reported to repent and to recognize that the act constituted a major threat to the life of other road users,. Then you'd better come from it, as if you are hiding.

as well as the license plates, the race management is trained to be intellective in passing I hope that they are in the next few days with you at the door.

Your Fläppen will probably deprived the machine ensured and you will a few years to wait until you to MPU approved will. So you're allowed to ride a bike to the disco in the next few years, if your friends with 22 already drive with car down. But if you hurt with 17 already all the rules, you should check urgently by your attitude change what.

As a precaution, even the essentials pack (toothbrush, underwear, pajamas, ...)!

You are ws been flashed with nearly 200 kilometers and have committed a hit and run. You'll probably ever allowed to make no driver's license and you can expect a very large fine.

without the sanction want to:

First would be you demonstrated in court that exactly You drove.

If something should be saved, then you behave so: make any statement, looking for preserved accusation lawyer.

You are Swiss. In Switzerland, the penalties for traffic offenses are much harder than in Germany. A special misdemeanor cases there is not with you. Traffic offenses are criminal matters.

From 15 km / h speed is exceeded, one comes to a hearing not herum.Wenn you your speed has correctly identified, it is extremely expensive for you. 120 km / h too much will inevitably lead to a prison sentence, with first-time offenders, however, mostly parole get (when you probably conditional sentence is). Your driver's license for some time away, your bike will be confiscated and a fine there on top. How much is depends on your income levels.

with 200 you're hahahhaha driven on the highway, oh my god, sorry but who is so stupid

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