drove over red light flashed and still get no letter ..

Hello. As the title suggests, I drove through red and was flashed. And it is now here already 3 months. When the letter finally arrives? I read that after 3 months of nothing can come, but they were contributions by 2009. Therefore, I would like to ask again. Or it may be that I is not guilty? It had just switched from yellow to red when I'm over. Maybe it has indeed so what to do? Flashed I was repays.

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Flashing does often times, the question then becomes what happens. It may be that the evaluation has shown that they can not sue you. Or the film was full, something will also happen often.

Here it is not even ruled out that the post will take a little longer. Wait a few more months, but it is less likely with every week that even matter what.

If after 3 months is nothing, then usually comes nothing more.

to ride In red, also has limits. If the traffic light is only veered, you probably have nothing to fear; not after three months more.

I would try in the same place at the same time on another day again. Maybe you're lucky this time and you get the same post?

You should be glad that nothing comes. Maybe was a car next to you ??? Or it has flashed only once?

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