Drugs How Long?

Hello undzwar I wanted to ask how long man can end up in the prison with 14 years .........

Undzwar I was as a dealer with amphetamines Showing and I Hötte alleged against minors vertickt and daa I jetz before court must I wanted to know beforehand how long I in the prison must: /

The best answer

Ah I think you do not go to jail, put on your I would before the court say that you were getting them and I have been assured you that there is no penalty for you.

You most likely get a social worker and make any social activities.

Hope I could help you.

MfG Thomas

maximum of 10 years

Longer is not in adolescents

If you have no criminal record sozialstunsen may or 3-5 years

The only bag you flog and get should be a bag of German: D

Mama told thou shalt not so late on the computer.

Would'd better ask before flog!

you want me make believe that you're 14 and come to amphetamine?

Pech honestly hope you get 20 years

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