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Hey guys! We will soon get a Maltese puppy and I wanted to ask what the best dry food is ... Or is it on the dog and how he can withstand it?

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We will soon get a Maltese puppy and I wanted to ask what the best dry food is

first time the puppy should continue to receive his normal feed. Any reputable breeder is buying food and a diet with tension. Changing can you step by step at the earliest 3 weeks after adoption of the puppy.

Most puppies respond to a sudden change in diet with diarrhea. Just the whole situation as separation from the dam, moving to a strange environment, other habits etc. is stressful for many puppies.

Highly recommended is grain-free food, Wolfsblut or Platinum, with min. 70% meat content!

One is in all the various discussions about the diet of dogs always forgotten because the right diet has now become a 'question of faith'. Undoubtedly the Barfen the artgerechteste nutrition, alternative diet with canned food and as a worst alternative diet with high-quality (cold pressed / baked) Trofu, a no-go is the feeding with discounters cheap food matter on wet or dry.

The most important thing in all feeding types - high meat content and more importantly - no chemical additives !!! - What should I feed a so-called high-quality forage when it is vollgepumt with chemical (synthetic vitamins and trace elements). See Orijen and Wolfsblut - produced by the composition of high-but the Intruder and then enriched with chemicals. This is not a food that I would give my dog.

When cold pressed Trofu in high-quality wet food and if Barfen (without the addition of powders with additives) an addition of chemical ingredients is not necessary, and thus the risk that a dog eventually diagnosed with 'human' diseases like cancer, significantly lower.

So, either Barfen or feed buy where on the packaging the word nowhere additives listed and the durability exceed one year.

Dry food is always bad. It eventually leads in many cases to stomach / intestinal problems, kidney damage, Inkontionenz, tooth loss and allergies.

Basically about food:

at least 60% meat, no grains, no sugar (Rübnenschnitzel, molasses, cane sugar, ...).

Feed changeovers in puppies please only when he has acclimated (lasts between a few days to several weeks)

If it's absolutely the worst seuin needs (namely dried fodder) then Wolfsblut or Orijen

Slightly better would Nassfutter ... Landfleisch would da ne affordable alternative to high-priced as Terra Canis and Co.

The best would Barf (Raw Food). This is closest to deer natzürlichen diet. Although eigige Fraudulent food manufacturers claim it: There is no Barf canned !!! Can be heated to over 100 degrees, the content is no longer raw !!!

Our Belgians will gebarft since its 10 weeks and is now 6 years - everything supi. Our TA has in the last race even denied ne blood test because SIOE says the one you look everything is OK.

Our Lienchen was poisoned and got 5 years specialized fodder, she slept 20-22sdtunden / day, unused medicine, was incontinent ... Now she is gebarft for 1.5 years (because of the complexes we have toxic effects let us calculate the professional ). Result: sleeping only normal, fitter more alert, has ideas, needs only 1/3 of the medication, no longer incontinent ... better is almost impossible.

For Lina we have the nem professional (among others has learned at Swaanie Siemon) can calculate. But there are certainly others who can do that. Read Otherwise books - there is a lot (always completely read in some comes at the end of even elementary important).

Totaly it comes down to what we say about eionen month everything in it is what Wuffi needs - the individual Mahluzeit is there rather subordinate

I'd rather Barfen because it is better for the dog to feed than dry food :)

Best no dried fodder. This is the most unnatural way to feed them. Would you like your life to eat hard, dry biscuits? Power you clever rather than quality, meat-containing wet food without sugar and cereals.

Sweety, now I know that you're perfect soon-dog keeper ...

And you've also since 2 years read about dogs and learned ...

Then you should but now also have read and learned that dogs best not to be fed with dry food ... The most expensive food is anyway far from the best ...

Good food, dry food should contain no grain, consist of at least 60% of meat and vegetables contain a share.

And because you have liked reading, then please become times clever and researching about BARF

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