Dry dog ​​food which?

Hi, I'm looking for my dog ​​the right dry food, he is now 8 years old can not tolerate beef / pig but really only poultry, he is very active not, ca medium. Order I would like at zooplus or amazon, best so 10-20kg bags. thank you

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Please go wolf blood cold river.

Here the composition

http: //www.wolfsblut.com/hundefutter-trockenfutter-erwachsene-hunde/hundefutter -...

No grain or sugar in it. And if you enter the references in Google, then click shopping even find lots of offers. Often new customers there is a 10% discount.

I can recommend wolf blood, the various feed locations are all grain-free and with a flesh-places. the price seems to be slightly higher at first glance, but you also need less. I put the feed still for a few hours in a much water, (1/3 fodder to 2/3 water) then the soft pellets through, give one more shot linseed or fish oil to and sometimes a shock hüttenkäse or quark. after the fodder he still gets a hard-kau nibble.

my time gets to grain-free kibble with deer and potatoes. he tolerates well. Look at this here http: //bio-for-dogs.de/trockenfutter/getreidefrei1/product/hermanns-bio-trockenf ...

Hi, dry food is not necessarily the best feeding for carnivores. That would be as if we eat all day pressed pellets. A dog can be difficult to compensate for the water balance in dried fodder and by the constant drying can lead to gastritis. Also get a lot of dogs thus sooner or later kidney problems. Still to consist industrial feed general. Often very many carbohydrates, which are purely added as cheap filler. A dog can thus start little and requires not purely and simply. Also, the digestive tract is still designed for meat, it can fruit, vegetables and other hardly use. If you want your dog really do something good, then inform yourself better about appropriate nutrition (Barfen, Prey, etc.). Here one can understand what is and should not be relied upon pauschalisierte and inaccurate manufacturer's instructions inside. On cereals and carbohydrates should be avoided in any case and the fat content of the feed can then be will between 15 and 25% determine. Industrial food generally has too little fat and is not healthy for life. A dog is dependent on the fat as an energy supplier.

Zooplus but has a good choice, as there are also foods which contain only 1 source of meat and also still grain things are the ingredients are declared clean and you also have customers recessions. A feed in the middle price segment is the Ex. Bozita

http: //www.zooplus.de/shop/hunde/hundefutter_trockenfutter/bozita_robur/adult/93 ...

Zooplus has also several other varieties without beef and pork, and with little or no grain because you helps unfortunately only to study the ingredients and then to order small portions to see if your dog's food also takes. I order regularly there and am really satisfied.

Sorry, dry food (also grain-free) is indeed declared dog food, but it has nothing to do with appropriate nutrition. - On the contrary: It was man to man developed (keyword convenience), is above all one thing: disease-inducing.

Justification: It is both harmful to the teeth (the starch residues lie down as a viscous, sticky coating on the teeth, which calculus favors) and the kidneys (dry food absorbs water and therefore lowers the liquid level), that is, a dog must ever 4 to 8 times the amount of water extracted fodder take to size in order to keep it, which is not an animal possible. Mach himself to test and dripping water over the dried fodder; you'll see how quickly it absorbs it, and nothing happens in the body of the dog! Thereby the stomach lining loses some of its protective layer and makes him more susceptible to gastrointestinal irritation and inflammation, which can turn into ulcers. Since the feed volume doubled absorbent conditionally, even painful bloating can follow. What added complication: He Starts first drink, has the dehydration (loss) already used - often with serious consequences if he distributed over the years only receives it, such as diabetes, kidney failure and premature death Male animals because of their. long urethra more prone to urinary stones etc .. Furthermore, dry feed is often the cause of obesity, cystitis (as less urination), constipation and acidity (which the cancer risk increases), and depending on the storage time and location can form mycotoxins (mold toxins) that are recognizable to us humans not always. The risk of food mites (allergens) increases with incorrect storage as well - sometimes even raw materials are already contaminated with it!

Judging by the fact that the dog is a carnivore, wet food would be with high meat content without cereals and sugar, the best choice.

I hope that's enough extent of information.

Hello, our bitch always got the breeder Pedigreefutter what we purchase also retained after her. Although we have tried other forage often times, this has never eaten. In itself it has healthy, shiny coat and has no overweight. The pedigree forage there in all variations and you can tune it well on the tTypen the dog. I can recommend it definitely!

I hope I could help you


buy a zohandel only times open feed! 100gramm to try whether he can withstand it

I would not order but buy the food in the pet supply store or supermarket, so you can easily on the quality, make the Mindeshaltbarkeitsdatum clever ... I once ordered food and was in such a condition inferior to that I could not feed it. ..!

I would try out what he tolerates and first buy smaller bags. If you here someone recommends, and the dog does not like or he can withstand not have you the salad.

There are vegan fodder

let the finger of the frolic vetragen dogs almost not kaken even reddish heap

Look here: http://www.naturplus-tiernahrung.de

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