Dry shampoo for dog who smells good?

Since you a dog not so often Baden allowed, a dry shampoo is still a good solution. (How many times can I use dry shampoo or do not care?) But there are also dry shampoo with the smell of dog better? I would buy one or like to make any himself. I Could aroma of baking company, lemon juice or something like that used?

The best answer

Why should the dog smell of lemon? A dog disturbs such a smell.

if your dog stink, go to the vet and rethinking your feeding.

My dog ​​smell mainly of grass and pines. But they've never stunk (unless they have been rolled in dung)

You can bathe a dog as much as you (and it) the like - as long as you are using only plain water with no soap and shampoo - so no dry shampoo.

If my dog ​​somewhere "einparfümiert" I'll throw 3 -4 times a stick into the pond and then all is well again.

If you want a lemon dog, be sure to check back a.

Have you drunk alcohol or smoked what ???

Dogs have, like us humans, its own smell, which it has to be accepted.

Suitable perfumes for the dog, from the dog's point of view:

Wild boar or fox poo, freshly fertilized meadows, mud puddles, horse droppings. Where the latter are quite a treat for dogs. Provided that horse is clean and has not scored grad 'ne worming.

Once Change what on your attitude before you want to rub your dog with dry shampoo ?! Oo dogs are dogs, have their own body odor and may sometimes "smell" to the human nose slightly. Anything you get to buy so so degreased, skin and hair - does not your dog well. If you want to change something at his own smell of catch, switch his food.

You want parfürmieren an eight week old puppy with dry shampoo? But otherwise it's good you ?? kopfschüttel ... ^^

... Okay, dog kids really wallow in the most impossible things, but dry shampoo really needs it not !!!

In the puppies and young dogs time with my dog I have had good experiences with ablutions of apple cider vinegar water. (1 part vinegar, 5 parts water). If you used as a microfiber cloth, it works even better - I think at least.

... My dog is gebarft, he smells like fresh air and black cumin oil! :)

Trockenshampoo ???

What is that supposed to help?

If your dog has an unpleasant odor, you should cause the work and not rangehn with any remedies ... even if they are self-made.

If a dog "stinks", which is usually due to health problems, poor nutrition or lack of grooming.

Why everyone should merely keep a dog?

Your dog wants and needs to smell like dog, otherwise the fellows get the gagging.

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