DSL switch when powered by EWT Multimedia?


We are the condo association and are supplied by ewt Multimedia. Our DSL contract expires at Vodafone. But since we are very dissatisfied with where we wanted to change. So I called another DSL provider (Unitymedia) because the offer a to accept the change in an ongoing contract. But who said that's not because we are supplied by external multimedia and we can not therefore change to Unity Media. Then I called the building association and inquired about this and who I said would only Tele Columbus, because everything else does not make sense. Unfortunately, the contract with Vodafone runs until October 2016! And as long as we do not want to just wait. might know a still a way where we could hinwechseln and would accept the change with the well?

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Iregndwas I do not understand here.

- Ewt Multimedia, Unitymedia and Tele Columbus're pure cable service

- Vodafone is a DSL provider

If you already have cable, why does not change then the same - as advised - with your Internet contract to Tele Columbus / ewt (belong to the same group)? Announces the DSL contract with Vodafone on time and let yourself from ewt addition intrude Internet / telephony on the cable.

Unfortunately, the contract with Vodafone runs until October 2016!

Since you can not get out even to October 2016th

.... If what is stated in the contract is fulfilled nich can you immediately terminate as simple as that

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