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Hello. Sohnemann is 10 years old and VERY active. He has constantly 2 pairs of shoes and these are by max. Four weeks through. This means that the sole is completely worn through the big toe or on the ball. Question: What shoes last longer? There's shoes, put the boys voluntarily and keep still for longer than a month? Have you purchased Skatershoes with reinforced sole ... everything helped nix.

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So the problem there was my little brother also had within 3 weeks the shoes through. When I then got myself Nike AirMax he wanted it even necessarily have and has an age of 11 get a pair. He will next week 12 and the shoes still look good, though a bit dirty but that's no surprise xD with him! They are also very comfortable and look great! Are 120 € While keeping a little more expensive but super long! Very good quality!

What he does please with the shoes that the sole is worn through? Since it must be dry rubber soles yes. There are certainly good quality footwear.

But children should also know that they should properly handle it. There are shoes for "good" and shoes for outdoors and sports. And even then does not rumrammeln so that the shoes almost fall off the foot one.

Really there is not durable, my brother needed time also almost every month new shoes because they ran always broken. My parents have tried everything, but nothing helped. I only know that he once had adapted shoes, and have even held only a year. Since the feet of your son but also grow, I do not think that would be as effective

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