Durst in bed

Hey guys. Whenever I lie in bed at night then I am 3 std at cellphone. I am often thirsty for 30 min. Is that normal? What could be the problem

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Ging me earlier so whatsoever. Quite normal, simple solution: just imagine a pitcher of water next to your bed and drink when you are thirsty.


The thirst has not emulate something with the phone. Take a bottle of water next to the bed with> drink !.

It does not matter to you :)

Villeicht you not thirsty but think just because you thirst hast.Oder you drink a day too little

This problem I have often but it is the with you? Does it happen heufig? Den for me it was a few days away siedewieder .... try to be seen or to gwh artzt !!

Seriously! Imagine what on your bed. PS: Think small 0.5 liter bottles in bed no 1L often has less thirst than you denkt.Die can you 3 days from trinken.Es may also be effervescent tingles the then still so schön.DUMM. (My experience 50 still 3/4 full bottle in the room can not find the parents jetz so ...)

Take hald ne bottle with to the bed I'm just xD

Did I also .. When with kommts from brushing because the taste and I always bekomm from brushing thirst ^^

Did I take bottle with the bed and always drink when thirsty halt if I helped you then you do not need thumbs up or press so

Because you have thirst? oO

Imagine a water bottle in bed and go kip xD

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