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I can my Glee Season not watch on my DVD player in other languages, which totally annoys me, because I'd love to watch it in English. I can not also turn off the subtitles. What interests me now, it is up to the DVD's or my DVD player?

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Which tracks are on it because, should be available on the package. That with the subtitles are probably the "User restrictions", which can only deal with certain players, which one strikes up a hacked firmware. Do not know if it so what else are today.

All in all a reason to bypass the copy protection of DVDs with illegal programs like Smart Ripper and rip the DVDs. DVDfree for stripping the User restrictions take => with Rip program in avi or mkv convert.

Or equal bootleg filesharing via drag (rapid-search-engine.com) or via Torrent. kickass.to is as well. Here against prosecution adjust Torrent soft so that you can even upload anything on the Internet, but only leeched.

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