Dyed hair back to natural hair color


Has anyone ever had experience with products with which one can pull the hair color of the hair? So I colored and tinted my hair, ever red at the time but which are dark brown. Now I wanted to ask if someone has already homemade experience with something and if so how, and everything?

Thanks for the answer :)!

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Yes there's just solutions which pull the color from the hair. White now also nichz just like the hot. But the solln de hair also make quite broken.

I myself have therefore no experience, have my hair dyed always. Had she then quite peroxide blonde and have se then again so colored, as my natural hair color was. (Which is not very well done xD) now I have purple hair and am super happy.

But you will probably also remain waiting, or you try the color as well about it ... Something always wirds xP

So I once had red hair habs but just let grow out ..

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