Dynamic Lungenuberblahung (asthma Bronhiale) which take care of normal Football Games?

Hello since childhood I was not like other Konder running especially in the Game! De coaches told traniere better blah blah blah but help all not because many do not know. After par doctors and analysis told me it was not with mir..ich heard with football .... after few years I'll start with football again also play Futsal and went back to Artzt and after the bike test told me the Lungenartzt I Dynamic Lungenuberblahung (asthma Bronhiale) have that heist anstrengungs asthma (have no whistle or something living in the normal, no problems only during exertion). At first I tried Ventolin (albutamol) the fast response inhalers was me but I would say bad, I tried Berotec N100 (fenoterol) gig me any better I would say the symptoms fangten earlier on! Jetze I take VENTOL Air (Cortosteroide) ever and a half months and it is not beser perhaps a bit worse chien! really good I can run when moist air is thus no particular when the inhaled air is not dry is rain special moist and the throat and the lungs moistened!

WHAT COULD I STILL TRY ?? Have a stude read when dieobengenante drug not act gehollfen Singualair has any leukotren blockator.

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I Aarane for many years. This is a wide plate, also called Rescue Spray. This spray is mixed with menthol and helps wonderfully. I had as a child asthma during exercise. Meanwhile, it is as good as gone. My doctor prescribed me in between times salbutamol, but that did not help and only made things worse again even though it is the same only without Menthol be. One should the Aarane not accept as a permanent solution but it works very well with Symbicort, a powder to the resulting inflammation in the bronchi.

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