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Dear Community,

Unzwar Yesterday I called in Kimdergarten to ask for an internship. Unfortunately, the contact was not there. The colleague with whom I have received phone contact, told me that I should write the manager an e mail. I've never done something like: / you can perhaps correct ... THANK you in advance :)?

Dear Ms XX,

I had taken me with her colleague by phone contact and wanted to ask if they have any internship places available. I am currently in the vocational preparatory year and would like to take the internship for to get for my career aspirations practical experience in one device.

Best regards


The best answer

I would put it this way:

Dear Mrs ....,

I hereby apply for an internship for a period of ......... ............. up in your daycare.

Currently I am still in Berufsvorbereitungsjahr and would very much like to take the internship period to gather for my career aspirations "..................." practical experiences.

I would be happy to receive from you a positive answer.


It is completely irrelevant that you had as already called. Maybe you should not write in which school and which class you visit now. lg Lilo

Moin CrescentLady97 if you want to make the text stand so, then should this most still correct:

I had with your (the me coming off) --- internship places dates have (brauchste more than a place to insert period?!) --- in the vocational preparatory year (would be correct: in Berufsvorbereitungsjahr) --- use the internship for (set-point, underline it) to --- in an institution (in your device sounds better)

Good luck, Regards.

I know because now not soo good but I find that repays full fine. I'd hald nor the date write to when you want to do that.

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