Ear infection. How can I ease the pain?

Hello everybody! Since 4 days I sometimes excruciating earache. A stinging. Also, my ear is very swollen and is even starting. Listen am I doing as good as nothing more. Times by the way: My ears produce too much ear wax, so I'm every few months at ENT to leave raussaugen me all the dirt.

Since I have not endured, I am yesterday to an ENT, who told me I had an infection in the ear canal (?). In addition, the ear would be blocked, but it can only remove the plugs / ear wax when the swelling goes down. So far so good. Did I drop the prescribed I also engaging - and Audispray for liquefying the cerumen.

Now my real question: What please can I do so I can take it to the nearest ENT visit in 3 days? Ibuprofen does not work hardly ... onion bag also. Blimey because the pain that just will not subside. Also: heat or cold better?

I thank you for your advice ;-)

The best answer

Without wishing to offend you, but are you sure that you take these drops and do not drip into the ear have?

Besides the means suggested by you I can you still recommend the ear red light. This is very pure and calm inside and warms nicely.

Inhale with Kamillosan in water could have a calming effect might also.

Incidentally, you do not need to go to the ENT for ear wax removal. Because there is in the pharmacy sold over the Orthowaxol, this is such a solution which must drip into the ear and leave a few minutes. The thus dissolved earwax then rinsed out with such a Gummiblasding with warm water.

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