Earn money by Greece bankrupt?

Is there any way by the bankrupt Greece to make money? So speculating on the bankruptcy? If so how do you the most adept at? Not that I want to do that, but sometimes I thought it was going to do ...

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You can watch the Greek stock index (Athex). Now I would have NOT buy the course. But right after a bankruptcy could be interesting.

I remember that time on the buy rating on OTE Hellenic Telecommunications three years ago. I did not buy this stock, because I was annoyed about the Greeks and did not want to have in the depot. That was a stupid mistake on my part - the share of prices around EUR 2, - with the recommendation to EUR 13, - (high) Risen!

The euro has the threat of Greece bankrupt already highly anticipated, it looks like in a wide variety of assets, which have a strong or less strong correlation to this happening in Greece. This includes not only shares from Greece by far. This use as a drug of choice directly in the index or using put options ... although the latter would be a manageable risk (or capital expenditure, to be correct) but in principle to trade directly with local values ​​no really good recommendation. Just in case it is likely therefore can hardly be put to no prices result in cash stops at various markets and. This in connection with probable bankruptcy of the related company or even still with borrowed shares (short sales), which you then use would have but the market has no liquidity and you order your duty can not meet. That would total to a large theater.

Therefore, rather think of plants that have a strong correlation with the matter, but here you are many miles to advance and you too late.

Rather useful it would be after the bang (if there is one and not salami-games dominate the stage) wait for the market, better crashed twice, and then piecewise bet on a long-term consolidation.

Put on Greek shares

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