easily make hot jello?

Hello, Jell-O must always only consuming cooking etc or is there is there similar to pudding already fast instant mixes?

The best answer

With instant powder to go straight because since only water is added, to buy is even faster * wink *.

If you let cool briefly the jello and then give in the fridge (a little higher off), or in the freezer are giving it is u. U. faster.

The lower the amount, the faster it gelled.

Good succeed.

LG Pummelweib :-)

Jell takes time to gel.

You can do it but accelerate slightly (and save the rest a bit energy), by looking instead of 500 ml of boiling water per packet take only 250 ml of boiling water, the powder and sugar (or sweetener) dissolves therein, and then the remaining 250 ml admit as cold water.

Then it is cooled and gelled sooner faster. A couple of hours it takes anyway.

easy as it can be.

of the half liters of water for the wackelpudding you take 8 tablespoonful from. so you stir the powder in and the sugar or sweetening agent. then you have to wait 5 minutes, so that it swells.

of the remaining water you bring 150ml boil, you add a few granules of salt and take it then quickly from the hotplate.

you let this water a minute to cool for and give it tablespoon to the mixed powder. Stir it until everything is fluid and the gelatin has completely dissolved.

then you gibtst the remaining water to it and stir vigorously to.

the result can immediately in the refrigerator and after about an hour ready for consumption.

gimmick: if the gods food begins festzuwerden, a few fruchtgummiwurrlis or fruit jelly spider inside sink ... :-))

There are for an instant powder. One adds sugar and hot water and provides the jello then cold. Is very simple!

Boil Short and cool but is not expensive) emergency you will need to purchase finished from the cooling rack.

There are even buying finished jelly.

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