eat my dog ​​nix

My dog ​​shaking a bit and he eats and drinks nothing and he licks something etweder yourself or other looked up and sometimes it begins to seat if it is just noise and then come out of his belly please help Mfg kerim Karahan

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For such questions, I really wonder why people make only times on the Internet a question instead of going directly to the doctor. We can not help anyway and are not veterinarians, also it seems as must your dog to the veterinarian immediately

shake is often a sign of pain in dogs. when dogs then neither eat nor drink should please today to tierrzt (either -the prompt intervention is announced to you when you call at your vet) or in an animal hospital go (which have a 24 hours notdinest) please call in advance ...

Veterinarian or he's a troll. Comes pretty often letze ago.

These people ... buy a dog and take care not drum

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