eaten dog poison? Cover the tablets tube

Hello my dears,

my 4 months old puppy the ACC has tablets tube snapped (I was not paying attention :() and dismantled the plug. In it were many many small white beads.

I gave him salt water and he's happier white passed.

Since I wanted to not risk poisoning I did it immediately.

Now to my real question: White Someone from which this material? Was it really poisonous? Unfortunately, I find the Internet nothing.

Thank you ever for answers! (The little one's fine)

Lg izsyro

The best answer

I was the TA not reach, and after it was less than 5 minutes in the body I do not believe that there is still a danger. Call him as soon as possible again, but knew exactly like what it is.

But thanks for the replies! :)

Toxic probably non- who would already Medikamnte packaging in which w hat could be toxic?

Any plastic or cellulose well.

A lot of it is also not that of such a tube is approx cover quite small.

Do not worry.

That would be too risky without veterinarian

How about if you ever are calling the vet ?! I could not ask chilling in your place here and hope for a response if I have the suspicion that my dog ​​could poison

question but just check out the pharmacy for - should the but know thou the stoppers speak I think that because what's inside, what the content of the tube dry holds - ie so feuchtigekeit absorbent beads.

So he has only eaten the plastic cap? Or the "beads"? What is this stuff?

The small beads in the lid of the package are a dry-hold means ...

I now do not know the expression or composition therefor ... Silicate ???

In small quantities, which is absolutely harmless - but as with so many things makes the amount the poison ...

Good thing your dog is nothing happens - you've done everything right ...

Best call the vet - or the pharmacy.

with regards

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