Eating dog sheep?

I have a small flock of sheep from 6 animals. One of them is a bottle lamb. It is meeeggaaa trusting and she runs after me like a dog. I go quite often walk outside the enclosure with her. eat grass and such. She loves it. I'm just afraid that even a dog comes and it does what. She would not run away if I did not run away. Would a dog eat Alma (the sheep) or hunt or what he would do ?? Alma makes it sooo happy when I go out with her and it would be unfortunate if I can no longer do that because dogs.

thank you in advance

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Depends on both the dog and the sheep. If you and the sheep remain calm, which is ever worth. If the dog is well educated, he is not running around with no owner, so I'm sometimes the opposite. Dogs running around alone, are to a young dogs that are Ausgebüxt - who are curious and want to mostly play. Then there's of course the variety dog ​​facing you worry. Of course, it could happen that a dog kills your sheep. But I would not reason to assume that this occurs. If you mitbekommst that uncontrollable dogs live in your place, then be careful, otherwise I see the thing against more relaxed.

Hi, do not eat right. But if is not educated, knows no sheep he will at least want to hunt the lamb and kill with them also. Consequently, if it is selected with the lamb paths where not many dogs run free. Degree as forests, meadows, fields are to be so popular run around the dog at dog owners. Perhaps then rather choose the public park and it respect the not harass the lamb too bad the kids. With the hunting and killing one can unfortunately not estimate my Podi mix would certainly try to chase the lamb, it would not interfere when standing unlike my bitch, with her I had a meeting already with a hurt Komoran. Have the birds see too late lying on the ground and my little bitch is-hunting as going to the bird that flew away but not having so brought my dog ​​out concept that has aborted the attack.

It depends on the dog. There have already been torn sheep, but that tends to be rare.

My would the sheep only hunt when it runs away. Will it remain standing, she lets go.

There are also dogs who do not care that there's a sheep or those who simply bark.

Depending on the dog, anything is possible.

Incidentally, gets my more sheep, raw. However, only after it was slaughtered. Your title question I answer thus times yes. Dogs eat sheep, so far as it tastes them ^^. But the least pack a whole.

Seizure certainly not - to our dogs are fed usually).

But running away is sure to trigger the hunting instinct in most dogs, because at heart they're still hunters and predators. That could have the effect that they bite into the skin, ev. Tear and pieces and the sheep so seriously hurt.

Therefore your Alma has better chances than frightened sheep when it does not run away but can sniff :).

Maybe not eat the same, the danger from Totbeißen but given definitely. Freewheeling dogs are a big problem for Shepherd today.

From play to kill and eat anything is possible.

In what there nowadays to "dogs" outside walking around, I would rather fear that the sheep eats so a mutated rat: D

Dogs may tear sheep, but if they eat I do not know.

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