Ebay as minors - Caught what sort of penalties?

Hello, I signed up with the wrong date of birth on Ebay and bought 1 thing.

I was caught and had the account been deleted.

What can I expect for penalties and it is worth the to solve this peacefully when a call on Ebay?

The best answer

Since you have not cheated, you have to bear no criminal consequences. I have you already written yesterday:

https: //www./frage/ebay-unter-18---polizei-ermittelt foundin = user-p ...?

Again in other words:

You are the victim of an impostor and were lucky that you have received your money back. On the part of ebay nothing happens to you.

Now even your requested documents to the police so against the seller can be found there on. And that's it.

Your comment:

Well, it would have to be that I had failed to fulfill § 267 StGB forgery

Does not apply because you forgot your ebay account not used fraudulently.

How did you become as caught?

I do not think that Ebay has the time, somehow criminal action against you.

Criminal consequences do not expect unless you have people cheated or equivalent

EBay speaketh no longer with you, which also uses nichts.Du're ausgschlossen of the platform and thus the matter through.

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