Ebay Classifieds disabling the user's account, why?

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There are probably quite a few threads thereof, but this does show only one should write support etc: /

So the case:

I have a Used Digital / SLR camera set in Ebay Classifieds & a TV (both used) completed the information to the best of knowledge. That was yesterday afternoon, was also both Unlocked. After some time, reported several "clients" would have interested, all not a thing. Well until now, I got this email from a supplementary to the interested of where everything was already identified - why now would all ads gone? I suggest try to sign in to my account in Ebay Classifieds, and get the message "Access restricted temporarily" - I can not quite understand?!? However, I have what may be possible probably, I offer no Paypal - only transfer or self-fetcher.

Have the Support of classified written, on what grounds the account has been suspended.

Meanwhile I get further alerts from possibly buyers are wondering now what was going on - if I were an imposter etc. The TV was planned that evening he will be picked up today - the camera there was a buyer you would like to have, with Bank Transfer ,

In the end I feel somewhat ridiculed.

Misspellings can be retained.

Thanks for all the useful comments Tips &.

The best answer

@ Gabberhead

For years, I use the portal itself and I also never displays were banned.

Read you the exact times through, perhaps lies somewhere Oops.


If you have left now interested in your ad, then copy your text from your question and send the same to the support there and wonder what you should now do with your prospective customers.

Then write your prospective customers and explain to them what is going on, so do not hang in the air.

A little tip in passing: if I buy something and I do not see the original pictures of the offered goods, but drawn pictures on the net? Then I do not buy.

So much time I take as a seller to make more than good pictures, because if I buy used goods (applies to new), then I can expect to see any photos of this lot and no pictures on the net. Then ringing quite quietly with me the bells.

Are the photos of the products has made himself or copied from another web page? When copied images of the rights holders may well bring about the blocking of your account with eBay.

The payment method can not solve the problem. I always give "only cash when picked up" and have never been banned.

Images were down to one because I had a screenshot of the said camera made by Amazon.de - otherwise everything Homemade.!

Have the account for 4 years and had something far also never.

quite honestly, I would only cash and selbstanholung specify and do not offer money transfer.

simply wait times, whether it manifests ebay classifieds.

... Delete set on the Gumtree website advertisements or other content that warn users and provisionally or permanently lock when there is clear evidence that a user breaches statutory regulations, third party rights or these Terms of Use.

Something So you've made

That's happened to me. I offered a Tablet for sale. On Pick Up. There were some prospects. I responded normally and suddenly went nothing more. I wanted to log me and because "access Suspended" was written the support and which I thought would have violated their user conditions. Only where I mean?! Neither I intended to cheat, yet others!

ebay classifieds you need neither paypal yet on delivery .. can therefore not be fundamentally ...

You have set images about offers? If so, what or own from the network?

How do we know that? Question Ebay!

Have you used foreign pictures ?? You must at no classified ads PP offer, pickup is there even really required or recommended.

The question can you answer in ebay.kleinanzeigen only the support. How do we know the reasons why the lock your account?

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