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Hi have a question and currently do not genuine. I was very very stupid have the first time in Ebay Classifieds sell something want specifically a Samsung Curved TV with Samsung 3D home theater system for € 2,650 goods was new and only brought short but she wanted to sell due to relocation. Then I have made the mistake prior to payment to send the buyer wrote every day how far is the delivery and he is to pay by Paypal but with such an amount only tests are performed and before 2weeks I have the goods already shipped Kassenzettel and post notices I have everything yet only he wrote the goods would be there before about 1Week and Paypal here is to pay now but he no longer writes nothing is not responding. Police I have already informed and they say I should only a registered letter with acknowledgment letter post with a 10-day period I can even still I do live in Bamberg That's all the information I have from scammers: Ebay Name: Micha Name: Michael Stücher address: Bochumer Straße 35 45276 Essen email: [email protected]

Thanks for any help !!!!!!!!!

The best answer

the guy holds you back and you make - little.

the enroll my back translucent you can save you, because there is 99.9% denied the adoption and you're where you already were before.

So THROW-enroll with prompt for payment within 10-14tagen (exact date indication of the time forming must purely!) send out!

enroll this art signs the deliverers and plugged it your payment reluctant shoppers in the mailbox - whether like it or not. so that your letter applies as delivered.

the letter you give your banking data to, because the type does not need to pay via paypal, which has the ware already! want the transfer, because you have to pay for the transaction paypal charge about 50EUR and it could still meet a lot of stress, such as for example "article deviates greatly from the description." your buyer might try the zurückzuschwindeln money because he wants money AND ware prefer.

should the 10-14tagesfrist without money received elapse: report display and payment order afterwards. at 2650EUR the prosecutor will look at the types in detail. the display is only the criminal part, for the debt recovery of money you need additional measures, including the payment order. the you can fill out online (form completion is). the notice is sent by the district court and is a civil geltendmachung your requirement on the types.

if he ignores the, you have an enforceable title (which is valid 30years) and can a bailiff with the debt recovery of money commission. he contradicts you go to a lawyer, the applicant then submits for you. the suit should be decided on your favor, so that you also have an enforceable title with the judgment that you in turn can be put into effect by the bailiff.

all costs for payment order, advocate etc. can reclaim the debtor you everything. However, you should not lose any more time and push in the types enroll immediately the. what plan exactly, you should not tell the guys. it is already noted.

in the display when the police put copies of your documents before! the original (especially the shipping documents!) you need to cancel very well, because they are over 2650EUR value.

Kontaktier also definitely ebay moreover and then we have to wait: /

Hey, I'm just stumbled upon your text and the name

-Micha Stücher-

... With the same postadresse is very familiar to me. I was relieved S5 Gold in sales value of 410 € by him to a Samsung Galaxy or insidious insidious in the same fashion style cheated.

I have a complaint which is the prosecutor in Essen mitlerweile since ca march.

Unfortunately happened there but nothing.

If a yes only vigilantism ;-)

If in your case happen ever progress?

thank you

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