Ebay empty envelope arrived-what now?

Hello, I have seen on eBay Classifieds ordered me last week a DVD. Today in my mailbox a Empty envelope was in a plastic bag, where it says "The consignment was unfortunately damaged and therefore by Deutsche Post with plastic wrap mistake". The envelope had a few small cracks were, however, can not be large enough that the DVD would fall out. The "shipment" on the envelope is crossed.

If the DVD was stolen or if the seller sent a blank envelope?

What should I do now?

Please reply! LG

The best answer

Besides the fact that ebay classifieds for pick-up in cash is, will you be able to forget the DVD.

As you yourself say, the envelope was only slightly damaged. Thus, it is almost impossible that the DVD has been lost in the mail. Probably the sender has sent only a blank envelope.

Self insured shipping would not be better, because there is an empty envelope can be sent.

Why do not you read the warnings on eBay Classifieds? This is a pick-up portal. You can do other than the sender to write, which is, of course, claim that the DVD was in the envelope nothing. I want to impute anything to anyone, but in this way he can ... dozens of times to sell.

Turn away. To the Post If the DVD is yet slipped out, they may be found. If not, you're out of luck.

Whether the seller has sent a blank envelope, no one can know.

Well, that can not conclusively clarify it. And shipping businesses on KLeinanziegen you do not do well. Next time choose insured shipping and buy the correct eBay.

When the POST has already stated that it has damaged the packaging, it will probably also be the cause. Turning you times on your delivery.

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