economic high school with in..Staff 2.6?

hello :) and although I have before in september the economic high school to make :) However, it takes as a maximum note of 3.0 ... and I have a 2.6: // of course, determines the places at schools limited and apply many. ..toll, I now fully afraid that I will not use them :( ok 2.6 is not the best but note eig not the worst ... and I've heard if you will not use them, you can go to the town hall of the city and it there anyway sue the one is taken, because one has the access prerequisites indeed met ... how you see the clock location: /?

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Hi, you're not limited to the commercial high school. You can visit every upper secondary school, as well as comprehensive schools and normal schools. On Wirtschaftsgymnasium you have the subjects business administration / economics / social studies mandatory and potentially accounting. I think that actually there is no advantage, but rather engages against a corresponding study / vocational training. At high school, you should really be worrying my opinion with literature, art and music. The opportunity comes well in life ever again. School is finally high school and a broad general education can not not hurt eventually.

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