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my friend, 27 years wants to reorient professionally. He has learned Fachlagerist then, but there he does not see his future. For 3 years, he is now self-employed as an all craftsmen (fair construction, drywall, renovation, restoration, furniture assembly, etc.). In craft he goes to a total that is his and he sees his future. Only the order situation not as good as it could be when he was a skilled craftsman. Of course, it lacks the qualifications and the special know-how. Therefore, it is superior on whether he still makes time training as a carpenter or joiner. That would probably mean for teaching 2 years at his previous education (secondary school and completed apprenticeship). Or is it even shorter? The question would also whether there are any further developments in order to acquire the missing skills so as to bypass the training?

Has there possibly made someone experiences or know to what point could they turn?

Thank you very much

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I'm training coach at the HWK Frankfurt. He might attend a retraining or when min. 4.5 years has (in some cases, also of this minimum time) apart, it can participate in an exam preparation course and on the external examination as a carpenter. Where do you live?


Woman Bal-Kirbiyik

Turning log diie local Chamber of Crafts.

Or is it even shorter?

See link in the comments.

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