Eleanor Calder why she gets so much Hate !?

Hello ~ ^ - ^

And although I have noticed that Eleanor very, gets a lot Hates. But why is that so? She is pretty and a nice girl. Perrie and Sophia are also not gehatet, so why is that?

Please do not write a Hate or otherwise, that does not help me in the answers. ._.

Thanks in advance, your Potato ~

The best answer

Sophia and Perrie get as much hate! Because the majority of the Directioner is jealous and there is this Larry Hipper, which they believe was a fake relationship! YouTube and Co pushes the thing with Harry and Louis specially still! So that will be clinging to this theory! In my eyes, total nonsense and a waste of time! Louis and Eleanor are separated for over 4 weeks.

Because some people believe that they lead & Louis a Fakebeziehung to hide the fact that Louis & Harry actually are together (Larry Shipper). If you want you view evidence for the theory, to gibs dozens YouTube Videos

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