Electrical installation selbermachen sinvoll or on bottles saved end?

We intend to build a house specifically a prefabricated house from Massa. Now has come to our attention that the products in the package electrical installation company Massa (expansion pack) are not the highest quality. Now we got the idea to make an electrician identify who sells us the material, which is not that easy.

We came across a company from Karlsruhe in our search (we build in Pforzheim), packages with electrical equipment in conjunction with consultancy during perform the electrical installation offers. It is important that we get offered any "No Name" components that we need to replace afterwards.

That sounds to us on the same principle of an expansion pack, we obtain material and instructions for carrying out and possibly help in the realization.

What you would you choose? The expansion pack from home or manufacturers prefer brand quality from the specialist at similar prices, we have specially requested both adopt priced not much.

Maybe there are here someone who has done even in advance.

So you can imagine how the runs here the link to the company http://pelka-elektrotechnik.de/Elektrotechnik.html

Schonmal thanks for your advice.

The best answer

So from a distance is as bad advise to. Since you have already know what material and the type of wall design, there is for example already pre-installed zones and so on. So without expert advice I advise you on if you have never done it. From my own practice, I have already had to accept such projects where Bauhrerren meant by electric basic skills, they can do that, but in practice this was then letzenendes almost to reinstall hinnaus, so it was much more expensive for the builders. The only runs when you have an experienced electrician as permanent consultant. (Can you believe; -o))) I wish you good luck. Unfortunately I live too far away from you, otherwise I could you stand there side but letzenendes you still need someone who takes responsibility and the electrical application and terminal accepts the power supplier, and that is in such productions certainly an expensive item that one also must not lose sight of, unless your modular electric project company agrees to assume this. My tip is if you want to manage that themselves, ONLY by an experienced specialist who has done this before, all the rest will only increase the cost and that's it then save a lot of success ...

So we have looked sometimes with the theme prefab. Since I am an electrical engineer I wanted to take on this installation. But we were told by all that was not possible because the cable must be laid already in the walls before they are built at our place together

(Somehow I can not comment here)

Wen her No Trained Electrician silk finger off the can riesiegen trouble with the insurance also mean well, there are always differences in the electrical cables for example, the color is at once not as the Nomaler is installed (so is then also unclear what mass)

As a homeowner you could also in the specialized trade for companies The things kaufen..Wen the priced makes no difference I would the company on site to take are wen what is the faster because since there also may fall under the warranty period.

Be sure to let make the manufacturers of prefabricated houses, because of the warranty. The walls are finished but delivered to the construction site. With insulation and waterproofing (vapor barrier). If done something wrong, there can be costly damage (mold).

Are you sure that you can take her Elektroninstalation you?

If I really know that one of the first things is yes which are incorporated into the finished walls.

So I would rather have ran as an electrician on that subject stream. (Perhaps there is a circle of acquaintances)

Things do not have to be a company

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