Electrified hair -.- what can you do about it?

I think all the girls know that ... but what can you do? With cream I've already tried, but nothing brings me. I do not want hairspray ...

What else is there for other tips?

Ps: have already electrified hair silky Monday -.-

The best answer

After washing hair in a braid not bind with 3 hair bands (gaps in between) hair with the towel do not rub hair forward and shake back

Driving with baby or just enjoy it abschminktüchern

For the future, there are anti-Frzz oil for hair, Kurspray also helps super. Home Remedies: Rub a few drops of cooking oil in his hands and then paint them through his hair.

Is with me as well ... perhaps helps yes smooth? but I have no experience with it: -B

You can take a damp cloth and Üner hair emphasize it. This helps

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