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Hello community, for a long time have my girlfriend and I to take the dream to London and build us an existence there. We both live in Germany and have a good high school. I and my girlfriend speak advanced English (I B2 level well in speech and writing, and she is a native speaker, because it results from the US). We asked a bit and have found that it is almost impossible to get a job from Germany to London. Therefore, we wonder how to fix this and how to get a job there, and how everything is controlled there. My cousin and relatives of my friend living in London, which could also help us. My cousin has emigrated from Stuttgart even 6 years ago to London. Also, we have together € 8,000 seed capital to cover the period in which we are looking for work. An apartment was also not a problem because we have relatives there who would arrange this. Now the question is whether it is difficult to find a job in London and what opportunities you have an intermediate certificate remains. I've researched and found that a self-Germany training is not recognized in the UK, but we do not want to lose any more time. We are aware that London is a very expensive city, so we would also be happy not right in the center but to live just outside. We would be grateful if you could enlighten us a bit and if you are also emigrated your experience with us shares. Only serious answers! Thank you.

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The idea and the thought overall are OK, with a little Vewandtschaft because in the back you have definitely time to get started a little easier than without. However, 8000 Euro range at best for three months and then only if your could live with their relatives so long. Reason: Either you draw from here with bag and baggage to, then costs of relocation 3-5000 euros or you go wrong with 'nem suitcase and need you to set up as completely new, what time will cost at least the same thing to start with.

Depending on how your work situation looks here, I would try to make time for three months 'vacation' in Relatives and like to discuss this three months intensively with London / environment and work. Before you have there not been working for a while, you probably stands for not one cent support.

If a German education is not recognized because, you have to expect you by Over a longer time with unskilled jobs that can be canceled again at short notice at any time sometimes. Another thing would be if you have a really good idea, with which you can make you own. London is now also such a crazy town, where you can put what ever, what Germany is not yet easily available. Costs allersdings courage and almost certainly also money.

That with the start-up capital is in my opinion the greatest obstacle, it is not enough for a completely new start in social nowhere. A few relatives are all very well, but they are not friends who have their lives been there and know how hard it is to earn money and if your da does not come quickly enough from the bend, the you also like see from behind. Calculate with something.

So Saves either an extra or tried really so a holiday number, at least for four weeks. Since then proceeds money in it, is clear, but without the knowledge of how to continue to come, I would depend on anyone.


You two have no training?

Rents in London are already "vastly"

Have you embraced ever looked around here?


There you will find everything from home to job and important information!

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