Emigration to the USA / American half

Hi folks :) (my name is Denise and I am 17 years old)

I would like when I'm 18 and have possibly made my highschool diploma, emigrate to thee USA.

FACTS: My mother is US citizen, has some 9 - lived 10 years in the US, but not said 2 years after age 14. She and her siblings were born in New York.

My grandmother is also a US citizen Both have lifelong right of residence in Germany.

My uncle (my mother's brother) lives with his wife and 2 children in the US and also has US citizenship.

Now my question is whether there are ways to apply for US citizenship and to obtain or dual citizenship.

I've already read it was possible to obtain citizenship through grandparents, have however found no further information. Can my uncle vouch for me?

I would be very grateful for your help :)

It must somehow be possible: o

LG Denise

The best answer

That should work but about your mother. You must apply for citizenship for you. She has the American passport.

Look here:

If you want to emigrate do you advance a few nice reminder Photos of Germany, your friends, etc. This with the photos is great: It's the best memory for later to watch. There is a great opportunity, a photography magazine in high quality to create. But not only can das.Man also embed videos. I am thinking a bit further when you are in the US, you can uch from there create a few pictures, text or video and make you on the Internet to your friends in Germany accessible. Google times Magglance and make free with it a beautiful photo magazine. To be able to make a great surprise erzielen.Ein few pages with pictures and text. A panoramic image, in which a photo (eg Germany map) is displayed on 2 inner sides and then a few pictures on it with white frame always looks great. You let you cost-effectively print a glossy magazine. Villeicht You also have creative friends who create out later from Germany and it could be for you. A good contact possibilities.

The US Consulate in Frankfurt could give you more information about it. Applications may, in my opinion, not your uncle, but only (?) Your parents or family members who live in USA make, ..

Yes, through your birth in the US.

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