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The following facts. I have stood by 1.1.15-28.02.15 in an employment relationship which the AG has terminated (occupational accident) At 14.2 I wrote the Ag mail and forderte.diesen on bis.20.2 my documents descriptions (payslips, employment certificate, health card). Up on the payslip I have today received nothing (new mail on 24.2 mit.Frist to 27.2 and new mail at 3.3 with deadline until today. Wweiteren Des I have the documents sent to Ag which he has to fill in for Office by post and asked the payslip for February mitzuschicken same time I gave up 16.3. can the AG the documents withheld until the last wage as is? I expect at 12.3. I that my February is my payslip not be there and the electronic wage calculation is clear but the other documents have indeed emulate nix with the salary. what do I do now myself from? and what do I when the documents for office on 16.3 are not there? the Office printing the Calculate nothing until all documents are there

The best answer

Who do you the documents for the office not bekomst dan turn around the pike and share the office with the your employer refuses this subject fill dan could this be tätieg whom the does not want to go to anwalt.Da you the rewarding nich on 12 .3 bekost you'll first get nothing from the office because this alg paid until skidding effect.

alone already the deadlines are not quite ok

With a little more objectivity the whole would have been regulated.

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